Fly-in April 28th 2019

The 2019 Spring Fly In

The traditional Spring Fly In will be on Sunday April 28th 2019 at Henstridge Airfield (EGHS).

There will be free landings!

  • This event is PPR, please call Henstridge Airfield 01963 364231 on Saturday for an update of the local conditions and advise us if you have any problems parking on grass.
  • The grass runway 25/07 will be available but requires prior permission from Dave Collins on 07432 521543 .

Special Procedures for the Fly-In

  • Contact Henstridge Radio on 130.255.
  • NO straight in approach or joining on base leg.
  • Please avoid over-flying the local villages.
  • If you require fuel, please make the call on Final and plan to vacate northside.
  • DO NOT back track on the runway.
  • Marshals wearing orange vests will give guidance for parking.

Please sign in at the Tent Marked C where you will be handed a safety and departure leaflet.

The southside parking areas will be closed to aircraft movements between      1 and 2pm.

We would like to remind pilots that the legal minimum of Third Party insurance is required for this event.

Arrival Procedure

The circuit is a standard pattern to the south at 800’ QFE.
07 – Right Hand Circuit.   Runway 25 – Left Hand Circuit.

All pink marked villages must be avoided when joining and flying in the circuit.

Also available on SkyDemon.

Ground Procedures

Expect to be directed by a marshal to park in one of the parking areas.  Red arrows denote north side access for fuel, blue arrows for south side parking.  Do not attempt to leave the runway in the section outlined in solid red.

Departure Procedures

Please familiarise yourselves with the noise sensitive areas before planning departure. Read Departure Information in leaflet.