Other events

Henstridge December and Christmas Week Offer + Fly-in
The airfield is offering more than just a free landing for this month. Cooked food at the weekends, with tea, coffee and snacks during the week.
Closed Christmas Day.

Christmas Week Special – Free tea and coffee from 26th December to 31st, with a FLY-IN on New Year’s Eve with a hot meal (TBA) for only £7.00.
Discounted fuel 26th to the 31st. Price to be announced December 2nd. Phone or see airfield website for price details. Any pilot uplifting more than 100 litres of Avgas/UL91, between 26th and the 31st, gets a free breakfast, collectable any weekend in January 2018!

Informal fly-outs.  These are not LAA Strut events.  They are suggestions that a group of flyers might like to join up and fly-out to another airfield.