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Saturday June 18th  Mid-Summer Fly-Out.  Dave Stokes BBQ at East Pennard International.

Monday July 18th  BBQ at Jenny and John Whicher’s house. 


We received the information below in early May

Bristol Airspace Infringements

Dear All,

Infringements – 5 in 10 days including 4 losses of separation – predominantly West Country based aircraft.

As Manager of Safety at NATS Bristol, I am writing to ask you to help us STOP infringements of controlled airspace. At Bristol we have had 5 infringements in the last 10 days, 4 of these caused a loss of separation with commercial aircraft, resulting in avoiding action being given. This clearly cannot be allowed to continue at this rate.

Please could you advertise this worrying trend as widely as possible to your pilots and ask them to be as diligent as possible with their Planning and Airmanship. We are also taking steps locally to try and mitigate this risk.

If you would like to discuss this with me further, please do call me.

Kind regards

Sid Michelmore
Amber Watch Manager
Manager Safety Bristol