Notice Board

November 21st – Strut AGM –POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER UNTIL  NOVEMBER 28th.  Followed by a Presentation – My Flying Career From
Gnats/Harriers to SE.5a by strut member and Great Warbird Display Team pilot Dave Linney.

henstridge-airfield-party-3A message from Geoff Jarvis Hentridge Airfield Owner:

Our advertised “Avoid” areas are the little RED blobs on the noise abatement map.

In recent days we have had a lot of suggestions of overflight of the Higher Marsh Farm Blob. That’s the one before the Henstridge one.

Some of this seems to be coming from right turns when taking off on 25..

So for the foreseeable I am going to ask for left turns only when we are on 25…and ask that you keep the Marsh Lane Fish ponds on your right.  If we are landing on 07..keep the ponds on your left,Please..

I can and always will defend an issue of flight safety,but I can’t defend the fact that we can’t be bothered to try..

You can find the noise abatement map on the Henstridge Airfield website and in the clubhouse.