Free Landings

Free/Reduced Landings January 2022

Flyer – Beverley, Cromer, Netherthorpe, Spanhoe, Strathaven.

Light Aviation – None this month.

Free/Reduced Landings February 2022

Flyer – Blackpool, Eshott, Holmbeck Farm, Middlezoy .

Light Aviation – Dunkeswell, Lands End (closed Saturday afternoon and Sundays), Fishburn.

Note. The LAA Light Aviation magazine is now printing landing vouchers/offers one month ahead. This is to help members plan a trip in advance and not miss a weekend if the magazine arrives after the first weekend of the printed month.

Flyer Magazine is now digital only. There are 2 levels of receiving it. A free version gives you the magazine only, while the subscription version offers the monthly free landings and other offers.  See Flyer magazine website for details.