Free Landings

Free/Reduced Landings August 2020

Flyer – Kenyon Hall, Perth, Redhill, Tatenhill, Wadswick Farm, West Tisted.

Light Aviation – Enstone (North Grass only), Eshott, plus Headcorn, which is reduced to £10.00 or, buy a whole boned and boxed frozen lamb for £150.00 and it’s a free landing. Must say, this is a first for the LAA. Certainly since I have been doing the landing offers for them!

Free/Reduced Landings September 2020

Flyer – Barton, Cambridge, Full Sutton, Kingsmuir, North Coates, Stoke Golding.

Light Aviation – Blackbushe ½ price, Longside, Netherthorpe, North Coates (Weekends).

Note. The LAA Light Aviation magazine is now printing landing vouchers/offers one month ahead. This is to help members plan a trip in advance and not miss a weekend if the magazine arrives after the first weekend of the printed month.