Free Landings


Andrewsfield (half price), Crosland and Mor (free), East Kirkby (free)


Barton (free), Goodwood (half price), Lands End (half price; closed Sundays)


Free/Reduced Landings February 2023

Light Aviation – Blackpool (discounted), Elstree £12 weekdays only, Eshott free.


Free/Reduced Landings January 2023

Light Aviation – Dunkeswell ½ price from 5 January

Light Aviation – Tatenhill, Fishburn.


Free/Reduced Landings December 2022

Light Aviation – Peterborough Conington 1/2 price,

Light Aviation – Sherburn-in-Elmet, Henstridge.


Free/Reduced Landings November 2022

Light Aviation – Sandown 1/2 price

Light Aviation – Spanhoe, Wolverhampton £5.00.


Free/Reduced Landings October 2022

Light Aviation – FREE landing October 2022: Breighton Aerodrome

Light Aviation – Half Price Landing for October 2022: Goodwood Aerodrome

Light Aviation – FREE landing October 2022: Longside


Free/Reduced Landings September 2022

Light Aviation – Barton Manchester, Blackbushe (1/2 Price), East Kirkby (closed Sunday/Mondays)


Free/Reduced Landings August 2022

Light Aviation – Kittyhawk Farm (Sussex), Sittles Farm (weekends only), Strahaven in Scotland


Free/Reduced Landings July 2022

Light Aviation – Bagby, and 3 in Ireland – Newcastle, Sligo and Weston Airport near Dublin.


Free/Reduced Landings June 2022

Flyer – Audley End, Easter, Fenland, Fife

Light Aviation – Beccles, Crosland Moor, Enstone North Grass Only – all 3 free


Free/Reduced Landings May 2022

Flyer – Balado, Kingsmuir, Rossell Field, Yatesbury

Light Aviation – Eshott – free, Headcorn (Reduced to £10.00) Middlezoy – free


Free/Reduced Landings April 2022

Flyer – Audley End, Easter, Fenland, Fife.

Light Aviation – Bodmin from 3rd April, leicester, Netherthorpe.


Free/Reduced Landings March 2022

Flyer – Beverley, Cromer, Netherthorpe, Spanhoe, Strathaven.

Light Aviation – Haverfordwest (£10.00), Sandown – Isle of Wight ½ price and Sherburn-in-Elmet free.


Note. The LAA Light Aviation magazine is now printing landing vouchers/offers one month ahead. This is to help members plan a trip in advance and not miss a weekend if the magazine arrives after the first weekend of the printed month.

Flyer Magazine is now digital only. There are 2 levels of receiving it. A free version gives you the magazine only, while the subscription version offers the monthly free landings and other offers.  See Flyer magazine website for details.