Free Landings

Free Landings September 2018
Flyer – Breighton, Coventry, Cromer, Guernsey, Popham, Stoke Golding.
Light Aviation – Netherthorpe, Pembrey (reduced to £10.00) Sandown, Spanhoe.

Free Landings October 2018
Flyer – Blackbushe, Bodmin, Eaglescott, Lands End, Old Sarum, Solent Airport.
Light Aviation – Glassonby, Lands End (closed Sundays), Old Sarum (1/2 price), Skegness, (Weekends only) and Boscombe Down Museum – at Old Sarum- 50% off admission price with voucher.
Combine some of these together and you can have quite a day trip!

Note ; LAA Light Aviation magazine – is now printing landing vouchers/offers one month
ahead. This is to help members plan a trip in advance and not miss a weekend if the magazine arrives after the first weekend of the printed month.