Free Landings


Flyer Magazine – Summer Edition – 15th July to 14th August
Beverley, Barton, Fishburn, Holmbeck, Longside, Sandown.

Free Landings August 2017
Flyer – TBA.
Light Aviation – Eshott (except 18th-20th), Oxford (with 35litres fuel uplift), Sittles Farm,
Skegness (Weekends Only).
These vouchers are in the August editions.

Sittles Farm Landing Arrangement
We have recently teamed up with a very nice airfield called Sittles Farm near Litchfield. Tony Shellis our contact there has set up an arrangement with Geoff at Henstridge, that both based pilots from either airfield or Wessex Strut members can enjoy free landing at each others airfield. We can also have a free tea, coffee or soft drink if you visit. Please PPR Tony on 07836 523557. Take your Wessex strut membership card with you. I think that this would make a good venue for us to visit for a day, one weekend this summer.