Free Landings

Free/Reduced Landings March 2020

Flyer – Bagby, Bourn, Breighton, Fenland, Ince, Sackville.

Light Aviation – Crosland Moor, Elstree (reduced to £10.00 – Monday to Friday only)
Haverfordwest (reduced to £10.00) , Lydd free with 35 litres of fuel pickup.

Free/Reduced Landings April 2020

Flyer – Bourne Park, Brimpton, Chiltern Park, Shipdham, Sittles, Sutton Bank.

Light Aviation – Bodmin, Kirkbride, Netherthorpe, Oaksey Park (Monday-Saturday).

Note. The LAA Light Aviation magazine is now printing landing vouchers/offers one month ahead. This is to help members plan a trip in advance and not miss a weekend if the magazine arrives after the first weekend of the printed month.