Strut Events

Monday 18th December –  Tony Shipperlee

This month we have a very special guest Tony Shipperlee. Tony is now 96 years old and used to fly Supermarine Walrus aeroplanes (and others) in the Second World War. I have taken digital pictures from Tony’s prints and found some film as well of Walrus’s in action. We will also have his friend Jeremy Reed who was in the Navy on frigates and our honoury strut member Vice Admiral Ray Rawbone attending. Both Tony and Ray flew from Henstridge in the war.

We start with a meal of lasagne and pudding at 7.00pm – followed by the talk. All for only £7.00 

Decamber 31st – Henstridge Airfield New Year’s Eve Fly-in – Land and a meal for only £7.00 – Not a strut event –  10.00am to 3.00pm

January 19th, Friday – Strut Awards Night – with special guest Ian Seager the owner of Flyer magazine – The Strut’s Big Night out.

February 19th – Strut Night – LAA H.Q. Airworthiness Engineer and Safety Spot article writer – Malcolm McBride will be joining us with a presentation.

March 19th – Strut Night – Presentation by Keith Vinning of PilotAware.

April 16th – Strut Night – ‘Have Jodel will Travel’ – Touring by strutter Dave White.

April 29th – Wessex Strut Fly-in – The first big fly-in of the new season to kick things off.

For Informal Fly-outs – see other events