About Us

The Strut is a local flying group serving Somerset, Dorset, and parts of Wiltshire.
The strut normally meets on the 3rd Monday of the month throughout the year and informally at flying events in the summer. We are based around Henstridge Airfield.

The Wessex Strut Committee:

Honorary President: Dave Stokes
Chair: Neil Wilson chairman@wessexstrut.org.uk 07512 773532
Secretary: Jenny Whicher secretary@wessexstrut.org.uk
Treasurer: Jenny Whicher treasurer@wessexstrut.org.uk
Membership: John Whicher memb@wessexstrut.org.uk
Safety Officer: Caroline Rhodes safety@wessexstrut.org.uk
Webmaster: Amy Whitewick webby@wessexstrut.org.uk
Events coordinator: Vic Southan events@wessexstrut.org.uk
Newsletter Editor: Ruth Kelly news@wessexstrut.org.uk 07808 878373
Chief Marshal: Dave Gibson marshal@wessexstrut.org.uk

Wessex Strut Constitution

Since February 2013 the Strut has been a member club of the LAA.

Wessex Strut Constitution

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